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Great time at the Goldeyes game

5 stars
Delaz SHAW Park, Winnipeg

We had a great time on a beautiful evening. The game went to the 9th inning before they won. It was a close game.


5 stars
Candacerae SHAW Park, Winnipeg

Best game I've seen so far. Great seats. Great food and drinks.


5 stars
HammsG SHAW Park, Winnipeg

First time at Shaw park, was a positive experience! Staff kept you entertained, the fireworks were great and the surprise sprinkler attack was hilarious! Will definitely return! *Helpful Note* bring cash... Vendors on the concourse do not take plastic, had to get money from ATM- but reasonably priced concessions!

Good game, horrible atmosphere

2 stars
Cr27 SHAW Park, Winnipeg

Was having a good time, until the 2nd inning when the couple behind us got there and started being terribly loud and screaming in our ears. We understand it's a baseball game but this was beyond any fun. After the stretch in the 3rd inning I believe, the girl that was behind us was jumping around and spilt a full alcoholic drink all over the guest I had with me. My guest was covered in this drink, from hair, to full back. The people behind did not offer any apology or anything to help clean up the mess they caused. There was no security around to help with this ordeal, or the girl in our section who would come down did not seem to care either. We ended up moving and feel very unpleased by this occurance. We payed for four rows up from the home plate and ended up sitting in the very corner because there was plenty of seats open there. I will be letting family and friends know of this occurance, and how staff did not help with us as at all.

The park was great

5 stars
debbieusa77 SHAW Park, Winnipeg

It was so much fun. We were just visiting. The workers kept us entertained in between innings. Great seats. So much fun.