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We currently do not have any tickets on-sale for Veld Music Festival.


Greatest weekend of my life. Period.

4 stars
Downsview Park Allen Road, Toronto

Honestly this was the greatest festival I've ever been to. The fans have so much freedom it's unbelievable. Just don't be super obvious about anything and you're free to push your limits. Only reason they didn't get the 5th star was because they had future close the first night instead of Zedd or someone. That kind of took away from the first night but other than that it was a game changer. If you're debating going, pull the trigger. You won't regret it.

Good lineup, poor setup

2 stars
NateBud Downsview Park Allen Road, Toronto

Getting to Veld and leaving was easy from my location. 1 pt there. the transit system did a wicked job. Entry. show id and get a wristband, that proves you are +19. Good. Try to buy beer later and they want to see your id again. That held up lines and having to dig out my id from my backpack every time was a pain. 0 pt. Entry on stuff allowed. No sunscreen at all. Wow. its the middle of summer.. Even though it said cream based sunscreen was okay. -1 pt. Venue inside. great lineup, dj's were unreal, good job getting those artists +3 pt Sound quality. -1pt. Subwoofer was too loud, seemed like all they cared about was the bang but it overpowered lyrics and medley of songs. Not sure if that was the dj's or festival orgainzers but that was a flaw. Food and Prices - Food was reasonable price, liquor and beer was not. Lineups were very long at points that required an hour to get something to eat. choice and option were a plus but still nuts. -1 pt other entertainment - ferris wheel and ring of fire were fun and so were the other games kicking around. +1pt

Most Amazing Experience

4 stars
starrburrst Downsview Park, Toronto

Veld was one big insane Toronto party! The line up was amazing and the energy was unreal. I was genuinely left speechless by the entire experience. Definitely worth it and returning for summer 2017! Workers and festival-goers were all very kind. Unfortunately, Travis Scott was a no-show :(. However, if you feel being knocked around by large crowds, waiting 30-50 minutes for food/drinks, and portapotties (which were an absolute horror story) won't outway the pros, this might not be for you. ALSO! You can bring almost nothing but money into the venue with you. No food or drinks and everything has to be factory sealed (sunscreen, chapstick, cigarettes).

An Amazing Canadian Experience

5 stars
Rbailey1421 Downsview Park Allen Road, Toronto

I came with 2 friends from Syracuse, NY to this festival in Toronto, Canada and none of us were disappointed in the slightest. I've never been to a music festival, none of us had been to Canada before, and all of us loved every second of this journey! Great atmosphere, beautiful people, and eargasmic music made this a festival we won't forget soon!

5 stars
Downsview Park Allen Road, Toronto

Totally going back next year best experience of my summer!!