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There’s a reason it’s considered the best sporting atmosphere in Vancouver; the chants, the scarves, the flags, the beat of the drum, the electricity that courses through the stadium every time the ’Caps send the ball into the back of the net. Whitecaps FC are making a name for themselves in Major League Soccer and you shouldn’t miss a minute!

Come be a part of the best sporting atmosphere in Vancouver


4 stars
JuanQ BC Place, Vancouver

We were in Vancouver from out of town and these tickets were a surprise from my wife. The venue was easily accessible from where we were staying. The event was well organized and people seemed to flow in and out of the stadium easily. We enjoyed watching the game, and were excited to see the fans so enthusiastic to support their home team!

Whitecaps great atmosphere

5 stars
WoolyFCF99 BC Place, Vancouver

Easily purchase tickets 2 months prior to are trip to Vancouver. The MLS Whitecaps fans are amazing, great atmospher.

First game for father & son !!

5 stars
Branks BC Place, Vancouver

Absolutely Loved the whole experience. Must have more !!!

Counterfitters In My Seats

1 stars
Seatless2 BC Place, Vancouver

I took my dad for his 75th birthday with my son to watch a Houston / Vancouver match. After purchasing Merchandise / Popcorn / Lemonade, we arrived at our seats as the match was starting. There were people with hard copy tickets in our seats. The usher suggested we needed to walk down to customer service. I was not inclined to miss any more of the match (after missing the first goal dealing with the circus). I feell security should have bounced the people that had the hot tickets. Ours were from ticketmaster so we know they weren't counterfit.

Travelers Praise

5 stars
Soccer90 BC Place, Vancouver

We try to come up to every game that the Sounders have in your beautiful city. And although it is fun to watch our boys win the best part is the fun we have with the Vancouver natives and White Caps fans. You are a very friendly city an a true pleasure to visit. Thank you and keep up the great hospitality!