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Abel Tesfaye, who performs under the moniker The Weeknd, emerged shouded in mystery in 2012, when he uploaded three tracks to YouTube that picked up near-immediate buzz -- despite the fact that nothing was known about the artist who posted them.The tracks eventually got the attention of fellow Toronto artist Drake, who linked to the songs via his blog. Before the year was out, the songs were getting great write-ups on the music-hipster bible Pitchfork and in The New York Times.The Weeknd followed up the next year with three mixtapes -- House of Balloons, Thursday, and Echos of Silence-- that served to further ramp up his profile. In the midst of the critical kudos, he made his first concert performances, including collaborations with Drake. The three mixtapes eventually became the first Weeknd album, 2011's Trilogy.The Weeknd's sound has been described as hipster R&B (or PBR&B to some), and his tracks have sampled a huge range of artists from indie-rockers Beach House to R&B megastar Rihanna. His slow grooves and falsetto croon create a beautiful and sometimes creepy backdrop for what are often sexually-charged lyrics.On tour, Tesfaye re-creates his recorded music with the help of some live backing musicians and usually can be counted on to bring an eye-popping light show. Fans consistently give Tesfaye kudos for the quality and depth of his live vocals. The Weeknd seems a natural onstage, even when the stages he's playing are huge. Hard to believe that his 2013 album, Kiss Land, was just his second.Though his star continues to rise, he's remained a enigmatic figure who avoids magazine and TV interviews. Fans basically have three ways to get to know him better: listen to his music, read his Twitter feed or pick up some tickets and see him in concert.

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Weeknd was great

5 stars
Comeondown Toyota Center, Houston

The Weeknd was a fantastic performer. His stage performance was on point

The Weeknd was hands down great

5 stars
Comeondown Toyota Center, Houston

The Weeknd is one of the best soul singers on the planet. He sure knows how to put on a great concert.

The weeknd

5 stars
fun5iz314 Talking stick arena, phoenix

My 1st weeknd concert was amazing!!! My seats weren't the greatest but just being there and the sound of his amazing voice was enough. I cant wait to see him in concert again and my seats will definitely be closer <3

The Weeknd was phenomenal!

5 stars
Nessaxx3 NYCB LIVE, Home of The Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Uniondale

I have been dying to see The Weeknd for 5 years now, and when I finally saw him it was like a dream playing out in front of me. The Weeknd has an amazing live voice, and he is a great performer, every song was perfect. Overall, this was the best concert I've ever been to. I had so much fun just singing along to every song and dancing all night. I will definitely be seeing The Weeknd again when he comes back to NY. Thank you for an amazing night!


5 stars
Sebasrios Barclays Center, Brooklyn

Great night! I enjoyed the concert. I hope to see more shows again!