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JFL42 is Toronto's Comedy Festival and we're back from September 21st - 30th!

This year we are bringing you more comedy than ever before with hilarious headliners, plus 42 fantastic comedy acts as well as our ComedyCon daytime series featuring some of your favourite comedians like you’ve never seen them before! 

Buy a pass and take your pick from Bill Burr, John Mulaney, Ali Wong, Tim and Eric, Tom Segura or My Favorite Murder.

Once you have purchased your pass, set up your MYJFL42 account at JFL42.com to start reserving seats for our 42 other hilarious acts such as Jenny Slate, Jay Pharoah, Brian Posehn, Rhys Darby, Janeane Garofalo, Kyle Kinane, Jen Kirkman and more... 

Every pass comes with a number of credits which will appear like magic when you activate our pass! Use these to reserve a seat for the "42" acts or any ComedyCon event. One credit = one reservation for a show. You can get these credits back and reserve more shows when you check in during the festival.

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4 stars
Sony Centre for the Performing Arts, Toronto

Opener was great, perfect energy level and jokes to get people excited for the headliner. Jim Gaffigan didn't disappoint - I really enjoyed his "encore."

Will be returning next year!!

5 stars
MikeBon Sony Centre for the Performing Arts, Toronto

Title should explain it all JFL 42 was amazing!! Gaffigan was our headliner and he was awesome! There were so many comedians to choose from, we bought the pass and felt like we didn't take advantage of it even though we saw 10 comedians (including openers) Big Jay took the crown for us, he was a pro working the crowd!! First time at the festival we will definitely be returning and probably with more friends and family

Anthony always kills

4 stars
lickyourelbow Sony Centre for the Performing Arts, Toronto

If you are offended by dead baby jokes... go anyway! He's hilarious.

Jim Norton was Hilarious

5 stars
VinegarStrokes Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Toronto

Excellent Show. Little Jimmy was on point and funny as always. Would see again for sure. Chip and Uncle Paulie made a cameo.

Maria Bamford, bang me!

4 stars
Ollie333 Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Toronto

Some of her jokes totally bombed and seemed like they were still in the beginning stages of being developed, but about 70% of her set killed this night! Definitely a great show all around.