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Back in Australia for the first time since 2012, punk rock pioneers, DESCENDENTS return in February 2017 in support of their new album, Hypercaffium Spazzinate.

To say that the DESCENDENTS invented pop punk is a gross understatement. They perfected the warp-speed amalgam of adolescent angst, snotty attitude and championship melody infesting the airways today. “You can draw a straight line from their records to modern punk acts” proclaim Nerdist. They took a genre that was about spikes, chaos and anarchy, and brought it to earth, singing about girls, growing up and food. 

Formed in 1978 against the fertile musical backdrop of Los Angeles’ South Bay scene (Black Flag, Minutemen etc), the caffeine-addled crew were less interested in social movements than bowel movements, with Rolling Stone declaring, “DESCENDENTS are the most playful group to emerge from the SoCal hardcore scene”. 

Fast forward to 2016, and lo and behold, the DESCENDENTS are back in the saddle with the release of their first full length in 12 years, Hypercaffium Spazzinate – a nod to Descendents' well-documented coffee obsession. Sure, the guys are now writing as adults – in the loosest sense of the term, but there’s a renewed sense of punk rock energy here. It’s faster, more reckless, and more intense. 

No one’s accusing the DESCENDENTS of maturity. For the better part of the band’s four-decade career, they’ve been the gold standard for puerility in pop-punk. But what do you expect from a band that pledged “Thou shalt not commit adulthood”?

Punk, pop, buzzing, summery, heartfelt, defiant, adolescent and wise all at once – The DESCENDENTS sound never gets old. Don’t miss your chance to witness live performances of classic tracks, “I’m the One”, “I Don’t Wanna Grow Up”, “Everything Sucks” and “Silly Girl”. 

Tickets on sale 9am Friday 28th October. Be sure to set yourself a reminder, as tickets will go fast!


Descendents RULE

5 stars
equillibrium Fillmore Auditorium (Denver), Denver

I'd see Milo and the Descendents anywhere. They ROCK as hard as ever \m/

Coldplay was completely forgettable!!!

5 stars
therightclique Neptune Theatre, Seattle

Descendents, however, were not. This is the first time I've seen them, as it's been 16+ years since they've played in Seattle. For being the age these guys are, they played better than any 25 year olds you've ever heard. Every song was spot on. Tight, loud, fast and perfectly performed. Milo's voice shows some wear and tear as the night goes on, but it only ADDs to the charm. You can imagine what seeing them during the Milo Goes to College era was like.

Descendents were AMAZING!!!

5 stars
PeeYatt Neptune Theatre, Seattle

Great venue with very nice staff! The place is super cool with all the old features intact. The opening bands did great and the headliners absolutely killed it! The guys in the Descendents are stand up dudes who really have fun performing. The house was rocking, and we got 2 encores! It was a great time!

The F'n Descendents

5 stars
JerseyBoy34 Electric Factory, Philadelphia

To sum it up... Awesome! The Descendents played a great mix of old and new songs. They played for about 80-90 minutes, and the set list couldn't have been better! If you missed this show, or have never seen them live- you are doing it wrong!

Garbage sound system

2 stars
Electric Factory, Philadelphia

Show started late due to PA being shot and needing to be replaced. Sucked because it was a stacked lineup and opening bands were cut short. Descendents were solid. Great show, great set list. Really bummed that they cut Night Birds short and Fucked Up had a great, but rushed set as well.