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Kick Up the Dust Indeed!

4 stars
nexttonormal Spokane Arena, Spokane

We bought the VIP package so we missed the opening acts. Luke was awesome, mixing his hits in a way that ensured that the show never lagged and slowed down too much. His stage made it feel like you were never super far away. He was super high energy and sang all his greatest hits plus his new songs. He definitely earns his Entertainer of the Year title.

This concert was phenomenal!!!

5 stars
Tacoma Dome, Tacoma

Dustin Lynch rocked it! Randy Houser was awesome! One of the most humble performers I have ever seen. Luke Bryan was one of the most amazing performances I have ever seen. You can tell how much he loves to be out there performing for his fans. He puts on an awesome show. He most definitely deserves his spot as Entertainer of the Year!

5 stars
Suquamish Tacoma Dome, Tacoma

I would go and see Luke Bryan again. Kick The Dust Up Tour 2015

Luke Bryan is so adorable!!

5 stars
ValRN Tacoma Dome, Tacoma

This was a great concert! The fans sang every word to every song that Luke played. Wonderful show! We had a great time! I would have loved a front row seat though!


3 stars
Lmcevil Tacoma Dome, Tacoma

Loved the concert hated our seats!! Should have concert on the center. $66.00 for tickets all the way in the beer garden was no fun