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5 stars
hunterswarehouse Bryce Jordan Center, University Park

awesome concert the vip was insane value luke even gave us a third song only was promised 2 the works very friendly the whole thing was simply awsome

It's Luke Bryan-'nuff said!

5 stars
tinatiny Huntington Center, Toledo

Luke was an awesome entertainer who really seems to be having a blast doing what he does. He has a lot of interaction with the crowd in addition to being a great singer. He's a lot of fun!

Was expecting more

3 stars
Bewitchedw3 Bryce Jordan Center, University Park

Dustin Lynch was good. LBT - eh. You could tell that the arena of 15K+ were getting bored with them and were ready for Luke to come out. I expected him to be on stage longer than he was to be honest. 2 hours of DL and LBT plus equipment break down each time one left the stage made for a short concert of Luke Bryan. DL and LBT physically interacted with the fans. Luke did not. Kind of seemed like he was either not feeling good or just didn't want to be there. IDK hard to say I guess. Either way, my 16 yr old daughter was beyond thrilled just to see him.

Kill the lights spectacular

5 stars
starfire22 Bryce Jordan Center, University Park

We enjoyed the show the Bass though should have been turned downed. We couldn't really hear the lyrics to a lot of the songs performed . We had a great time!!!!

Wonderful Entertainer!!

5 stars
Subjam Huntington Center, Toledo

I can understand why Luke Bryan has won Entertainer of the Year. He put on a great concert, signed autographs to audience members while on stage, shook those hips, and was very involved with his fans while performing.