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JoJo was beyond amazing

5 stars
KDCC04 State Theatre, St Petersburg

This was long over due! She delivered nothing but greatness. I'm extremely proud of how far she's come . She put on an amazing show. Also the dj before the show was amaze balls she kept us entertained until JoJo came out. Excited for her new album, definitely buying.

Jojo knows how to rock

5 stars
Marcosgatp The Sinclair, Cambridge

Literally the best moment of my life this year. I had a lot of fun with this talented musician.

Iamjojo was epic

5 stars
NajeeVazquez The Sinclair, Cambridge

The venue was great big not too crowded fans were not rude at all and jojo was amazing everything was perfect

JoJo was incredible so happy she came back!!

5 stars
Gabby25 The Sinclair, Cambridge

I have been a huge fan of JoJo since I was 14. She has just a very unique amazing voice and I was so upset when she stopped signing. I got tickets before to see her but the show got canceled so if you came back again I knew that I had to go see her. This was honestly one of the most amazing concert that ever been to her voice is so amazing and unique. The music was great just as well as your vocals. The venue was small but that gave audience a better show and more focus on her amazing voice. I would see her again ever year that's how good she was.

Best show I've seen in a long time

5 stars
JLMcD The Sinclair, Cambridge

Aside from the fact that JoJo is incredible and knows how to put on a good show; her opening act was surprisingly great - he had a lot of energy and had a great way of mixing new with old; The Sinclair was a fantastic venue for this show - intimate but open with areas to stand if you don't want to be elbowed in the crowd, not a bad view anywhere in the venue; her band was super talented; the preshow DJ killed it; JoJo did a great job of covering fan favorites and a taste of her mixtapes before getting into her new stuff. Best $25 I've spent in a long time.