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5 stars
DevynnU House of Blues Dallas, Dallas

Good Charlotte was absolutely amazing. I have waiting to see them for about 15 years now and I finally got the chance to. I hope that the HOB-Dallas will have them back soon! They are worth travelling for! They also had great bands with them!

Good Charlotte

5 stars
AJMorales House of Blues Dallas, Dallas

They rocked!! I would love to see them again. And the HOB would be a great venue for anything. I will definitely be back!

Good Charlotte took me back!

5 stars
Yaybravo House of Blues Houston, Houston

Amazing show!!! It was so awesome to see them play live! I've been a huge fan for over 10 years and I'm so glad I was able to be part of an incredible performance!!! These guys brought the house down! Can't wait for the next one!!!!

Great Time

5 stars
Kitcat8911 The Ritz, Raleigh

Drove down from DC to see this show as my experience at the DC venue was totally sub-par. That wasn't Good Charlotte'a fault by any means, they always put on a great show! Played some oldies, and some new ones, just wish they would mix up their playlists a bit more. I've seen them many a times over the years and feel like 75% of their set lists are the same, but I guess they are trying to play what the majority of people know them for. But their energy and performances are always great! Had a blast, lost my voice, and got Paul's pick to boot. Good times with Good Charlotte :P


5 stars
summer2000s Echostage, Washington

The story so far was good but their fans were reallyyyyyyyy rowdy, stay away from mosh pits. Good Charlotte was awesome. it was everything my angsty teen self wanted and more. They only play like two songs from their new album so dont worry about that, mostly their throwbacks.