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The best

5 stars
Tjlomax Duck Room at Blueberry Hill, St Louis

Went with a big group of friends and we all loved it

Arkells Rock the house!

5 stars
Duck Room at Blueberry Hill, St Louis

Highly recommend. Energetic,fun, passionate, engaging band.


5 stars
chip49 Duck Room at Blueberry Hill, St Louis

It was a great show. 2 Bands and 2 different types of music. Very entertaining, had the crowd singing and dancing

5 stars
A and R Music Bar, Columbus

Amazing show. Great dudes. Love them. Drove 6 hours to see them. Totally worth it.

Arkells + Personal Public = amazing show

5 stars
Saintbuckeye A and R Music Bar, Columbus

The venue A&R Music Bar is one I've been to without a show going on, so this was my first show there. Promo west hadn't put an opening act on the ticket until maybe 3 days prior, but that's besides the point. I found out about Personal Public a day before the show, found a YouTube video and just so happened to be their last set song, "Home", it was a great performance. The Arkells were filled with energy, played some of their new stuff, some of their older stuff but overall were mind blowing good and their interaction with the audience was something I've never seen. Their post show meet and greet was more than I've seen a lot of bands do.