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With their 40th anniversary at hand in 2013, legendary country band Alabama embarked on their first tour in more than a decade and released an officially endorsed tribute album titled "Alabama and Friends." The album features current country stars covering some of Alabama's country-rock classics -- including Kenny Chesney on "Lady Down on Love," Jason Aldean on "Tennessee River," Luke Bryan on "Love in the First Degree," and the Eli Young Band on "The Closer You Get" -- along with two new Alabama songs. It was a fitting tribute for the most successful band in country music history,  which logged 34 singles that topped Billboard's country singles chart between 1980 and 2011 and has sold more than 75 million albums. The band's core remains the same as when it was founded in 1969, when they were known as Wildcountry: Randy Owen (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), his cousin Teddy Gentry (bass), and another cousin, Jeff Cook (lead guitar, keyboards, fiddle). By 1973, the trio had decided to pursue music full time and they signed their first record deal -- and changed their name to The Alabama Band at the label's request -- in 1977.  By the '80s, the band had hit its stride, moving huge numbers of concert tickets and filling their trophy cases with multiple Grammy, CMA and ACM awards.


Best Concert EVER

5 stars
Gunslinger71 The Wharf Amphitheater, Orange Beach

I took my wife to see Alabama on for our 12th anniversary. I've been a fan since they first hit big in the early 80's and they were the first concert my wife ever saw. First, I have to say that the Wharf as an entertainment venue is outstanding. We made sure to ride the Ferris wheel and eat before the show. I cannot say enough good things about the cheeseburgers at the Sugar Shack, and the service to be found there. They may seem a little pricey, but its good beef, and tastes to be grass fed and the flavor of the bun only served to set it off. Add to it the fresh and excellent quality of the lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and onions (you know, the usual suspects as I call them) and you have a really great effort. ~$25.00 for an outstanding burger, onion rings that must be tasted to be believed & beverages for 2 adults isn't bad at all for a place like this. In short, VERY highly recommended. Security was handled by local LEOs and military volunteers backing up the Wharf's regular security officers. These were some of the best I've ever seen. I've been in law enforcement for 22 years, and I had to complement every one of them I found. This was right after the Ariana Grande concert bombing in the UK, and there was a general feeling of dread that there would be fear and loathing all around. What I saw from the security staff as exemplary behavior leading me to believe that their training was flawless. First things first, the "opening act" was not just the Charlie Daniels band, as was rumored, but the man himself performed for almost an hour and a half, singing a selection of his best known hits. For a man pushing 81 years old with a heart condition, he put on an amazing show encompassing Country, Heavy Metal, Rock, Funk, Jazz, Classical and anything else he could thing of, with the passion of a MUCH younger man. (The man knows music!) The only down side was that had he played EVERYTHING I would have liked to have heared, we'd still be sitting there. The only down part of the evening was the hour or so it took to strike the CDB gear and set up Alabama, but that's the nature of the beast. Then they arrived. Randy and the boys did not disappoint. They played most of my old favorites, and like I said before, if they played them all, we'd be there still. They played a new one, "Come Find Me," and if you haven't heard it, go find it. It shows that they still can play your emotions like so many guitar strings. It was great to sit there singing along with songs that my grandparents loved when they came out, and mean just as much to me. They saved my absolute favorite "My Home's In Alabama" for the encore, and made it even more powerful. All in all, you expect a good show for the price of a ticket, and we got MUCH more than our $80.00 worth. There is a rumor that they might do this as a replacement for the old June Jam concerts. If they do, we'll be there.

Loved the Alabama concert

5 stars
CcHa1201 Amalie Arena, Tampa

Charlie Daniels band and Alabama were amazing!!!!!!

Charlie Daniels and Alabama

5 stars
Mykl138 The Wharf Amphitheater, Orange Beach

Great show by both artists. They both sounded great and exceeded my expectations!!!

5 stars
Amalie Arena, Tampa

There music has stood the test of time. Country's finest

Alabama amazing

5 stars
nursegypsy The Wharf Amphitheater, Orange Beach

Best concert I have been to in a very long time. These guys did an outstanding job!! Keep on playing the wonderful music we all know and love!