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5 stars
Treasure Island Resort & Casino, WELCH

Great show, very funny. Not very often you get to see all of these great comedians together.

Absolutely Funny!

5 stars
YerSeester Treasure Island Casino, Welch

Rob Schneider was fantastic as always, love his standup! Nick Swardson was wrong in so many ways, a comic legend in the making. David Spade started off slow but got us all laughing and I was finding myself liking him more as his bit went on.......Sandman was phenomenal ! He was on for the longest time, he did so many songs and jokes . That guy is insanely funny. Come back to MN Guys, all of you, anytime!! Well worth the $149 + fees. Only thing, just a tiny disappointment, was that we were hoping for a T-shirt, a can koozie or something to buy at the venue. There was no merchandise available that we could find, specific to the comedians or show.

Do over tour

2 stars
DirkDav Grand Ole Opry House, Nashville

They should do the tour over. At least the show I saw. Rob and Nick were by far the best part of the night. Spade looked and acted like he had a severe hang over and just rolled out of bed. His delivery was bad and only made me laugh a few times. I expected a lot more out of Sandler. Overall I was disappointed and would not recommend someone to spend money on this act. I have experienced way better at Zannies and spent 20 bucks on the ticket. Not $220 like the tickets cost for the Do Over Tour.

Not Bad, But Not Great Either

3 stars
GoValGal DPAC - Durham Performing Arts Center, Durham

I am such a big fan of these guys and was really looking forward to big laughs with them all. Overall, it wasn't bad but it wasn't great either. The potential for this tour was truly limitless with this lineup, but these amazing comedians didn't come to the stage with their true potential for comedy. They were lazy and relied predominantly on fart jokes, penis jokes, vulgar sex jokes and wife/ex-wife jokes, all of which can be funny in a routine but not AS the routine. Adam Sandler's routine and songs were funny, but even they lacked his usual level of humor. I realized while I was sitting there laughing only intermittently that most of the people who laughed the entire time really do not need anything more, which is sadly most of today's generation. And if that sells, then I understand. Having come from the Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Eddie Murphy, Robin Williams, 70's SNL era, I grew up accustomed to great comedians who had a wider range of stage humor. At some point in this show, I just became determined to enjoy the show for what it was. However, I couldn't help but feel disappointed thinking about what it could have been. I can't speak for the others, but I know for a fact Adam Sandler can be so much funnier than this!

5 stars
dogia NYCB Theatre at Westbury, Westbury

What a great show! All four comedians were exceptionally funny but of course totally enjoyed seeing Adam Sandler (which was my first time). Can't wait for them to come back. A surprise appearance by Kevin James added to the show.